• Überwältigend

A workshop about playing with presence, dominance and submission

Rough Body Play - we will experiment with intensive bodily effort, limits, gestures, facial expressions and voice, sensual resistance and experiencing mental and physical power. In this basic course playful basic techniques and safety aspects will be taught and practiced.

This workshop was inspired by the work of Frank and Sheila, who are real professionals in this field. Here is their website with a lot of useful information.


CLAUDIA ENGELMANN and me teach this workshop together. Claudia has been a passionate rough body player for many years as well as an experienced group leader in various therapeutic/pedagogical contexts and settings and considers herself as a sex positive feminist. The self-empowerment of women and the exploration of active mechanisms of feminine socialization within the context of self-empowerment are very close to her heart.


For women with or without prior knowledge.


60€ | concessions upon request


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