Workshops from April to November 2019 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

One year exploring the elements of your sexual potential
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“Earth, Wind, & Fire” gives you the opportunity to develop your sexual potential over the course of a year.


Borrowing the structure of the “Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire” sessions with Marlen, we will spend the year going through the differing qualities of sensual touch and your bodily resonances. You will experience the breadth of your desires and boundaries in the area of sexual and sensual touch, BDSM play, bondage, sexual communication, and creativity.


Earth Wind Fire Bondage

We are kinky and vanilla, refined and animalistic, wild and soft. We welcome you to experience all of your qualities and be able to informly decide for yourself what you choose to invite and what you decide to say no to. Your sensibilities will be heightened and your erotic self-awareness will be give space to breathe. Additionally you will acquire a series of practical skills in the areas of massage, bodywork, bondage, and BDSM play.


The series is open for people who want to broaden their horizon of sensual and sexual communication. For courious people, for explorers who like to play and learn in a field of consciousness and compassion. Open for all genders and sexual orientations.

The workshops are also intended for people that are searching for more variety in their professional work with sexuality such as, for example, tantra masseuses, sexological bodyworkers, sex educators, etc. In particular you will benefit from the continual learning process that this course provides. It is possible however to attend individual sessions. Those that wish to attend every session will receive not only a price reduction, but also individualized support and supervision.






  • 13-15 April 2018
  • 11-13 May 2018
  • 15-17 June 2018
  • 12-14 October 2018


In cooperation with Zwischenwelten.


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