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Why women do buy sex?

Why women do buy sex?

This Interview was made by Theresa Bäuerlein and got published at "Krautreporter". Krautreporter is a cooperation for independent and qualified journalism in Germany, so you have to pay now for the german version here. Thanks for permission to publish the whole interview in english at my Blog!


Foto: the forever and ever magnificent Maroody Merav.


I talked about the potential of sexwork for#healing, femalepleasure, rituals and a bunch of other magical things at ErstiesPodast with 4 wonderful, smart and hot beings.

Interview with me from min 26.50 IN ENGLISH!

As a sex worker activist, I am particularly concerned with and unhappy about the presence and lopsidedness of the prostitution myths, which are reproduced by the media.


I wrote this article for our newspaper “taz”

It got published 4th of july 2018. As some of my friends and followers do not speak german, there you go!


Philosopher Svenja Flaßpöhler argues for more female desire in her newly published book "The Potent Woman", positioning herself as an antagonist of the #metoo movement. That's a shame, because that way, we miss yet another chance to talk about the sexually self-determined woman. 

Several weeks ago, I was delighted by a quote I came across: "A potent woman is one who has discarded patriarchal thought patterns. One who has her own desires. And isn't limited to be a mirror of male desire and to affirm him in his grandiosity. Instead of degrading male sexuality, she upgrades her own."

The quote is from philosopher Svenja Flaßpöhler's just published essay "The Potent Woman". Flaßpöhler has been attacked by feminists for the book, for in it, she positions herself as an antagonist of the #metoo movement. Which, according to Flaßpöhler, continues to uphold the patriarchal narrative of the woman as victim of aggressive male sexuality. Flaßpöhler argues for a more forward definition of femininity: women must grasp and live their own potency, instead of persisting in a passive position of accusation. She misses the active woman, the seductress, she sees in #metoo "a conspicuous absence of female desire".

(Original in German click here)


“I open doors to people’s sexuality“

Talk shows, the new coalition, Alice Schwarzer – everybody’s arguing about prostitution. They all don’t even know what they’re talking about, says sex worker Kristina Marlen. 

Frauen kaufen Sex Frau TV

Two female clients talk about their motivations to buy a sexual service with Kristina Marlen. Women as clients in sexwork: empowering, nourishing, expanding. Kristina Marlen has a clear feminist vison of sexwork. Thanks to Rubia Bright and Franka, and Uschi Müller for the great journalistic work.

Watch here >>

 (Original in German click here)


"Sexuality is as diverse as human beings themselves. And my sessions are, too."

Can a tantric massage be like a one-on-one performance? What has tantra got to do with BDSM? Can sex work be healing? How much power can a bondage ritual generate? Performer and sex worker Marlen in Berlin offers exceptional sessions that provoke these and other questions. ErotikInsider wanted to know more about them and spoke with her. 

missy frauen kaufen sex

Marlen's recent article on her experiences as a sex worker: Female sex work clients – do they really exist?

 By Kristina Marlen


At the end of the session, the last woman who came to see me was melting like butter. She was constantly reaching her vulva towards me, crying “That’s so hot, so hot! I can’t stand it. Keep going, keep going!“. Then she reared up again fiercely, bucking back and forth a couple of times, reaching a magnificent orgasm, ejaculating all over my hand.

Another regular is always very quiet. She likes most of all to be tied up, tightly, for a long time. At the beginning I wasn’t even sure whether she wanted to be fucked or not. When I asked her, she just looked at me silently, then nodded earnestly. Even when it does happen, she is usually very quiet. If she is lying on her stomach, she’ll moan and drool a little into the pillow. When she has an orgasm, I only feel it because her pussy clenches tightly and her bottom tenses.


Click on read more, to read the whole article!




Marlen's Bondage Performance at Pornfilmfestival Berlin

In order to view the video please click on the picture on the left (the video is only viewable between 11pm and 5am).


marlen missy magazine  Interview with Marlen in the German Missy Magazine!


  The World as a Sex Club
   by Katrin Gottschalk


Kristina Marlen has been a sex worker since 2008. Her area of expertise: bondage. A conversation about new SM Hipsters, why we need rules to enjoy more freedom, and what Vanillas can learn from BDSM.