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Hot spots for autumn


The summer's end is already kissing the autumn with suspicious passion, and so I return with some inspiration for the season when we will need to generate our own energy to keep warm. Click here!
















Earth, Wind, Fire and more


NL22018 engClick here to get all the info about our year-long group Earth Wind & Fire!















Berlin, Asia, Zurich and a taste of Canada


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Air is our free flight. On this weekend, we will open ourselves more and more to the material that you bring! Which dreams, fantasies, and questions are waiting to be brought to light? Can we create space for them to come a bit closer to reality? So that our flights can begin and end in a grounded way, we will work a lot during this time with the power of ritual. How can rituals help us create a magical, focused space? How can they help us reach the unknown within ourselves, and also return back to our secure self?

Pain, presence, and lust. Like a magic triangle, these elements weave in and out of many people's fantasies, and actual sex lives, too. Whether you've only dreamed of having more intense sensory experiences, you have some experience, or you have long felt at home in the world of consensual power and devotion, "Fire" is your playground and field of experience.

Water represents emotion and allowing yourself to fall deeper. Sensual abandon can also make us vulnerable and helpless, because we're open and touchable and this accessibility almost makes us a bit powerless. In this workshop, we will work with elements of bondage, the art of erotic restriction. When your body is tied, your mind can be at rest.


Your receptivity, your ability to perceive, is enhanced many times over. On the one hand, being tied means feeling held and secure in a particular way. On the other hand, you are more exposed, give up parts of your self-control, show yourself. Being held in that state is one of the magical experiences we can have as human beings.

fluid0 poster

Watch FLUIDØ by Shu Lea Cheang at PornFilmFestival Berlin 2017.


In 2016, the HI virus is extinct. Only a few immune humans carry a mutated version of the virus. Their body fluids contain a new hyper narcotic – the super drug of the 21st century! They are hunted by a secret police and a drug dealer operating a sperm farm. With I.K.U., multimedia artist Shu Lea Cheang opened the 1st Pornfilmfestival Berlin in 2006. Now she’s back with another queer cyberpunk porn dystopia.


FLUIDO is an "orgiastic opera" of amazing visuals, a "Cypherpunk scinece fiction" with many explicit scenes. Kristina Marlen is playing the role of Eva, a mistress who owns The Lick - a brothel where you can get fresh female ejaculate directly from the spot. :-)

Earth is the mother, the base of Marlen's work. In this first module of the series, we will work purely with the body - Experiences become more spectacular when you heighten your capacity for sensation - instead of the intensity of stimulation. We will manage without toys or tools, and will rely completely on intuition, impulses, and the body's ability to create balance and communication, if we let it.


Movement and stillness, arrival and departure, attraction and repulsion, curiosity, seduction, guidance and freedom. Intimacy and loss. Shy and forward, sensitive and strong, flowing and with interruptions - that is how we can approach various aspects of our potential to act and feel, on our own and with others.

Finally the summer newsletter just made its way online! ?


Newsletter Summer 2017 ENClick here to get all the info for the end of the summer till end of the year!
















Space, Rhythm and Performativity 

Tifereth 1

Day 1: Space and Performativity

Part 1. Space as Emotional Bubble

When we refer to space in a rope scene, what we are often referring to specifically is the combination of mood, intention and time. Controlling these factors leads to controlling the feeling of the bubble of space between you and your partner, as well as the bubble surrounding your partner and an audience. In this workshop we’ll explore building and maintaining difference kinds of space through controlling mood, intent and timing with our bodies and our ropes.


Part 2. The Space We Work In

Space can also refer to the physical space surrounding our partner. In this workshop we’ll explore all the ways we can understand and utilize our rigging space. Thinking about planes of movement, the differences in the experiences of lifting into a space vs lowering, and engineering the sensation of being flawlessly controlled in space. As we gain command over our use of the voids we work in, we gain confidence in developing physically and aesthetically appealing sequences.

Workshops from April to October 2018 in Zurich /
from April to November 2019 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

One year exploring the elements of your sexual potential
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Earth, Wind, & Fire” gives you the opportunity to develop your sexual potential over the course of a year.


Borrowing the structure of the “Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire” sessions with Marlen, we will spend the year going through the differing qualities of sensual touch and your bodily resonances. You will experience the breadth of your desires and boundaries in the area of sexual and sensual touch, BDSM play, bondage, sexual communication, and creativity.


Earth Wind Fire Bondage

Berlin, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zürich - Newsletter Kristina Marlen is out!


NL December 2017 englischClick here to get all the info for the end of the year and 2018!















Bondage SoptikFunis Corporalis- the rope academy revolving around body and rope

#2: FLESH - going deeper with SOPTIK (Prague)
11./12. November , Berlin

Mind & Mindfulness with Felix Ruckert


Felix Ruckert Mindfulness

Space, time, body and rope. A deeper understanding of concepts, materials and objects is the secret of modern sorcery. Felix draws from 40 of experience in dance, body work and BBDSM practices to break through habits of seeing, hearing and sensing. She appeals to courage and lust to re-invent perception and therefore create enlivenment. Playing means inventing and following rules. Creativity is sparked by friction with challenges. Intensity is produced by open goal navigation through resistence. This is an invitation to a controlled loss of control, to turn the world upside-down. And to laugh about it.

Exploring Femininity 


Do you identify as female? Are you a woman? Do you sometimes ask yourself what that even means? Or what it means for you personally?


Fantastic. You are right at home here with us. Female– a mythical place, a venerated, dearly held, and battle-stricken existence.


Where do you place your femininity? In the whole body, in a bodily region, in a sense of physicality? How do you express it? In posture, in movement, in a feeling? In your thoughts, your words, your sexuality, your relationships or forms of relationship? Which visions and fantasies do you have of womanhood? What do you love about being female, with what do you struggle, what holds you back? What meanings do you assign to femininity? Do you value womanhood? How do you place your femininity in the world, where do you allow the two to interact? How does it influence your desires? Do you find womanhood attractive?