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Dates 2019




Berlin: September = booked out, October 7.-11th and from 21st

Zurich: 11- 14th November

Fribourg: tba


As long as I am not traveling: Sessions in my studio





04 - 06 October 2019: FIRE (3rd module of the annual group "Earth, Wind & Fire")

15. - 17. November 2019: AIR (4th module of the annual group "Earth, Wind & Fire")


Dates 2020

12 - 17 January: Earth, Wind and Fire on La Palma - Bondage meets Tantra, BDSM meets Sexological Bodywork

April 2020: Start of the annual group Earth, Wind & Fire Cologne!




Past Dates 2019

02 to 03 March 2019, Zurich: Rope Makes Sense - Going deeper

From April 2019, Freiburg im Breisgau: Start of the annual group "Earth, Wind & Fire".

08 to 09 June 2019, Berlin: Festival of Femininity http://www.yinwards.com/festival/

20 June 2019, Dortmund: Evangelischer Kirchentag, Podium on the topic "Potente Frau" (Potented Woman)

10 to 14 July 2019, Zurich: EARTH - WATER - FIRE - AIR - Tantra Massage & BDSM, 5-day workshop

15 to 17 August: Whore Congress - networking, solidarity, practical knowledge exchange



Past Dates 2018

17./18. February 2018, Berlin: Funis Corporalis #4: "Mind & Mindfulness" with Felix Ruckert

10./11. March 2018: Funis Corporalis #5: "Space, Rhythm and Performativity"Space, Rhythm and Performativity" Tifereth from Canada

14.-15. April 2018, Zurich: Start of Year-long group "Earth, Wind & Fire"

  • EARTH: 14.-15. April 2018
  • WATER: 11.- 13. May 2018
  • FIRE: 15.- 17. June 2018
  • AIR: 12.- 14. October 2018


20 September 2018, Berlin: Schwules Museum: Panel Discussion:  Changing the World through BDSM?!?

28 September 2018, Berlin: Whore Congress. Workshop "Vögeln leicht gemacht - Penetration ohne BioSchwanz"  (Sexworkers only)

16 October, Switzerland: an evening to introduce the combination of Tantra and BDSM organized by Förderverein Tantramassage Schweiz.    

23 to 25 November 2018, Vienna: "Rope makes Sense" at SalamanderBlut - A captivating weekend of experience with Kristina Marlen



Past Dates 2017 

in the first half of 2017 I am reducing my workshop activities. 

The only workshops where you can participate and which I recommend with all my heart are the following: 

 21-23 April in Meißen (Saxony):  "Bound - Rituals, that create connection" - a workshop on the polarity of safety and the explorative danger between restriction and surrender, between limitations and the freedom that comes with them.

In collaboration with In-Team, i.e. Deva Busha and Milam Matthias Horn.

 26-28 May in France, Chateau Auvignon: "Dark Tantra - Bondage Masterclass and the Power of Kali"  in cooperation with Dr. Tara Long from Connection University

An exclusive retreat in a magical place, a palace in Avignon, France.

Detailed infos: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a look at the Facebook event

 2-4 June in Finland, Helsinki: Marlen at the Wonderlust Festival! An explorative space for anyone who is interested in conscious and experimental sexuality, intimacy and encounter. 

 7./8. October 2017, Berlin: "Rope Makes Sense"

25.-29. October 2017, Berlin: "FluidO", Film by Shulea Cheang with Marlen at Pornfilmfestival
11./12. November, Berlin: "Flesh" Bondage Workshop (intermediate, advanced) in cooperation with Gestalta
17.-19. November 2017: Prag: Marlen at Shibari Festival 
24.-26. November 2017: Helsinki: Bondageworkshop in cooperation with Gestalta

16./17. December 2017, Berlin: "Skin&Breath", Bondageworkshop in cooperation with Gestalta




Past Dates 2016:

January/Feb: Sessions in Berlin in my studio

8-10 March Sessions in Munich

11-13 March "Rope Makes Sense" Part 1 in Munich - invited by In-Team with Deva Busha Glöckner

From March 20 till June 3rd: Opening Sundays, the little sister of Deepening Saturdays, at Salon Incanto

22-24 April NEW: "Dancing the limits"- a  workshop on contact improvistaion, restriction and restistance, bondage and freedom

from 5th of March: "Bondage intensive- deepening saturdays" regular group from March-July

The Opening Sundays are open to dropppin in upon request!

Dates : 5 and 19/20 March, 2/3 April, 14/15 May, 18/19 May, 12 June, 2/3 July

 7-11 June: "Rope Summer House" in Spain! Floor work Bondage workshop with Yoroi Nicolas and Kristina Marlen. 

18-19 June: "Rope Movement Study" with Gorgone in Berlin Kreuzberg

22-24 June: Sessions in Zurich
25/26 June: Workshop in Zurich! "Rope Makes Sense Part 2 - going deeper"

July: Marlen at Xplore Berlin

9-14 August: Marlen at the Shibari Camp in Sweden!

27-28 August and 3-4 September: "Rope Makes Sense"  Part 1 and 2 in LONDON, Anatomy Studio

20-22 September: In Munich for sessions.

7-9 October:"Sense & Play" at the International Institute for Sexologial Bodywork Zürich

12 October: Sense & Play Performance in Zürich

15-16 October: "Tantra Flow!" NEW WORKSHOP on your ability to create intuitive tantra massages using your whole body like dancing. Also at IISB Zürich (postponed)

26-30 October: Marlen at the United Bliss Konferenz 

11-13 November: Marlen at the HONG KONG KINK CON

26-27 NovemberRope & Movement Studies with Marika Leila Gorgone


Past Dates 2015:

20-21 January "Rope Makes Sense" in Spirit Berlin

11/12 and 16 March Sessions in Munich
13-15 March "Let's Play" Workshop in Niedertaufkirchen, close to Munich
11/12 April "Rope Makes Sense" at Spirit Berlin
18-19 April "Rope makes sense" (engl) in Prague, (!! Maybe one week later!! check the website!)
22 April "Bondage & Beats" - the Party at Insomnia Berlin

3-5 May Sessions in Zurich
8-10 May "Physics of Kink" with the Sacred Kink Academy in Freiburg

23 May Kinky Playground-"Play for adults" workshop at Tatwerk Berlin (new! - only a few spots left)
20/21 June "Rope Makes Sense" at Spirit Berlin 

July 21-26 Marlen teaching at Shibari Camp "Sinsations"  in Aarhus, Denmark

August 20-24 Marlen teaching at Summer House Weekend near London

September 7 - 12 Marlen at EURIX Schwelle 7 (European Riggers Exchange)

18-20 September "Deep Impact - Touching Echo": Workshop with Mara Morgen,  at Schwelle 7 in Vienna

3-4 October Rope makes Sense  in Zurich

5-7 October: Sessions in Zurich

7th of October Sense &Play Performance at IISB Zurich

9-11 October "Sense & Play - Tantra and BDSM",  at ISSB Zurich

17/18 October "Rope. Body. Flow" - Rope Makes Sense PART 2!
21-25 October Marlen workshop & performance  at Pornfilmfestival Berlin
October 31 / November 1 "Let's Play" at Tatwerk Berlin

14/15 November "Rope Makes Sense"  in Berlin (postponed)

27-29 November "Power of Play" with Klara Luhmen within the curriculum of Sacred Kink Academy  in Freiburg

6 December Overpowering workshop at Tatwerk Berlin (women only)
11-13 December "Physics of Kink" with Klara Luhmen within the curriculum of Sacred Kink Academy in Cologne/Wermelskirchen


Past Dates 2014:


20.-23. Mar, Zurich: Blissful Bondage Retreat - Workshop

28. May, Berlin: "Borbala Szente is dead" - Performance

29. May - 01. Jun, Munich: Blissful Bondage Retreat - Workshop

8. Jun, Berlin: Sense & Play - Workshop

14.-15. Jun, Zurich: Tantra & BDSM, Power of Play - Workshop

20.-21. Jun, Copenhagen: Rope.Body.Flow - Workshop

08.-10. Aug, Hamburg: "Sexwork in den Medien" Conference – Performance

10.-13. Aug, Hamburg: Available for sessions in Hamburg

30.-31. Aug, Berlin: Bondage Beginners Workshop - spaces still available

19.-21. Sep, Freiburg: Sense & Play Retreat - Workshop

03.-05. Oct, Saarbrücken: Blissful Bondage Professional - Workshop

08. Oct, Zurich: Sense & Play Professional - Performance

08.-10. Oct, Zurich: Available for sessions in Zurich

10.-12. Oct, Zurich: Sense & Play Professional - Workshop

14.-19. Oct, Hamburg: Available for sessions in Hamburg

22. Oct, Berlin: Rope Workshop & Party, Insomnia

23/24 Oct, Berlin: Performance "Instant Intimacy" at Pornfilmfestival Berlin

26 Oct, Berlin: Workshop "Rope makes Sense" at Pornfilmfestival Berlin

15/16 Nov, Berlin: Bondage Beginner Workshop at SPIRIT Berlin


Would you like to organise a workshop with me? 

Contact me at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Small groups and private events are also an option.