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Frauen kaufen Sex Frau TV

Women buying Sex - TV feature with Kristina Marlen. Author: Uschi Müller.



Once again I had the opportunity to create „Instant Intimacy“ with the support of my fabulous team at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin! Click HERE.

Instant Intimacy is an interactive bondage performance, in which I select audience members in attendance and tie them up. There´s no rehearsal; each encounter unfolds its own and unique energy.
I like to express my gratitude hereby to my team: Alex Zampini for his live music; to my supporters W3ndy and Freia; to for filming and editing; and of course to Jan Pelao for his super-cool music which is underscoring the video-clip.
At last but not least thanks to the courageous people who made themselves vulnerable and visible while falling into surrender: Vassilia, Rico and Jo Pollux.

Here is a video of my bondage performance at  "Borbala Szente is dead" at Schwelle 7, Berlin from 28 May 2014.

Thanks Alex Zampini for this very good documentary and of course to Renée, my beautiful horse!


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At Brent Groff's Day Show about German law in prostitution and the seal of approval for brothels.




What do #metoo and sex work have to do with each other? And what do they not? I had a fabulous conversation with Josefa Nereus about boundaries, consent, being a whore by conviction and - Ronja Räubertochter. Now we subtitled a short version of the interview to make it available for the international debate.
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