• Für Frauen

To all women

Working with women is my passion.

You and your desire are in the center of attention. 
I offer you a safe frame in which I provide a diversity of sexual journeys. You determine the destination!
It is my honor and pleasure to accompany you.


You are...

...a woman who is very busy and wonders why your sexual side, of all things, is missing out, even though you usually take care of everything and are on top of things?
  ...a woman who has been traveling with particular sexual wishes for a while and is searching for a safe, open and appealing space to articulate and try them out?
 ...moved by a question of not having discovered certain sides of your sexuality yet, and are searching for a discrete framework to explore yourself?
 ...submissive/masochistic/switch - curious to try it yourself, don’t have so much experience – but don’t feel comfortable with the (assigned) gender roles in the established BDSM scene?  

...transitioning between genders and are searching for a sexual encounter to affirm/love/express yourself in your current sexual identity? 

  • You have the feeling when you look at your daily sexual life: “This can’t be everything, can it?” I will offer you a chance to broaden your sexual horizon. 
  • You’re curious about an erotic encounter with a woman, but aren’t finding an appropriate frame for it? 
  • You currently don’t have the desire, the time or the opportunity to live your sexual desires in the frame of a relationship, and are looking for a heartfelt, sexual, fascinating encounter with a woman, without having resulting social obligations? 
  • You enjoy doing something special for yourself? Giving yourself and your exquisite body a gift?
  • You’re interested in learning more about your female capacity for desire and sensation, with someone who will accompany you confidently and attentively?


 If one or several of these questions resonates with you, it would be my pleasure to welcome you.

 Find the perfect experience for yourself among my Experiences.

HERE I wrote an article about women as clients. It´s written a bit provocative, as it is a political issue for me as well.


OH YES; AND: As we are still living in a gendered structured economy, which is discriminating women, it´s possible to get a reduction on the fee if you have a low income. Please talk to me.