• Wrestling

Do you sometimes fantasize about being physically overpowered at the mercy of a woman? Do you fantasize about being restrained by strong thighs that render you unable to move?

Do you feel her weight and can smell her body as she is sitting on you, after she has pinned you down – how she leaves you breathless and plays with you at her own discretion?

Are you aroused by the thought of being inferior to a woman and being absolutely controlled by her?

Erotic wrestling and overpowering are two of my favourite games. With my height of 183 cm I can definitely be your opponent on an eye-level or even ‘look down’ on you. I am in very good shape and have a lot of physical strength. I love to use my body and various techniques to tame you and I adore strength trial.

I am not interested in choreographed sessions or fixed conventions. Please bear in mind that I am not a martial artist or a professional wrestler and that I am not into cliché attitudes of insulting and belittling you.

Before you book this kind of session it is necessary that we have a discussion!

I am interested in the erotic elements of strength trial.

I like the humor that comes out of fighting, the wantonness, the immediate expression. And of course I like to win – to sit on your body and live out my female strength.

I am very happy to combine a wrestling and overpowering session with bondage afterwards. After one’s ‘victim’ is unable to offer any resistance, wouldn’t it make total sense to render them totally powerless?

After you have fully surrendered, you are at my complete mercy.

In our meeting we will discuss our mutual understanding of wrestling, about safety and boundaries, as well as what we both find exciting.

Erotic wrestling can be part of a session with me.

Erotic wrestling can become part of an Air-Let's fly session with me.




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Earth - Tantric massageritualWater - being bound, Fire - on the edges, Air - let's fly and Mixed Wrestling.


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Earth  Water

Erde - Erotisches Massageritual Wasser - Erotische Fesselmassage







Fire Air

Feuer - Schmerz und Lust

Luft - Bondage, Tantramassage, Dominanz, Erotischer Ringkampf








Mixed Wrestling 

Luft - Bondage, Tantramassage, Dominanz, Erotischer Ringkampf