• Feuer

Pain and pleasure, trust and the power to surrender

You’ll be able to experience how stronger, more impulsive, possibly painful stimuli can deepen your erotic experience next to tender and soft touch. We can use toys like flogger, paddle, candle wax or other objects to create a sensual experience for you. Yet, no tools are necessary to give a quality to the treatment. Because of my work as physiotherapist and trainer I know very well, how fluent and fluctuating the transition from “wellness” to “good pain” can be. The right pressure on the right spot at the right time with the right intensity, feeling resistance can be cathartic and relaxing. I am happy to guide you with gentle or firm body manipulations.

Yet, this doesn’t mean approaching bodily limits or experiencing strong pain. Fire means questioning the boundaries of your comfort zone in a playful manner. You can explore the relation of pain and intensity and maybe get an answer to the question how this intensity can add to your pleasure and maybe redefine what pleasure means for you. Of course, communication before and after the session are a given.



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Earth - Tantric massageritualWater - being bound, Fire - on the edges, Air - let's fly and Mixed Wrestling.


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Earth  Water

Erde - Erotisches Massageritual Wasser - Erotische Fesselmassage







Fire Air

Feuer - Schmerz und Lust

Luft - Bondage, Tantramassage, Dominanz, Erotischer Ringkampf








Mixed Wrestling 

Luft - Bondage, Tantramassage, Dominanz, Erotischer Ringkampf