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Here are some links to people and places that have inspired, influenced, and taught me on my journey.



Colleagues who I am deeply grateful to, for the confidence, the spirit, the sex and the lust they – like myself – bring to their work, and understand to be part of it. Each one of them has their own signature style. Colleagues and friends who, for a variety of reasons, I feel strongly connected to:

Deva Busha is the magician of the South. Tantra massages, sexual assistance and SMantra - she combines, mixes and works magic for her clients through her unique and specially conceptualized tantri ritual of touch.

I work together with Deva regularly, also as part of her workshop program with "In-Team".

Undine is a “perverse accomplice” who is totally at home in active as well as passive roles and shamelessly bends and mixes them. A true diva and mistress of bizarre play. Located in Hamburg. 



Pixie Pee Magic
Mistress, Tantrika, BDSM-Freak
I love perversion and enjoy succumbing to my lustful instincts. For me it’s the best answer to the context of delusion of contemporary society.
Man and women can experience the ease of submissiveness in a four-hand tantra massage double-session with Kristina Marlen and Pixie Pee Magic. Best enjoyed after a naked wrestling match with complete fixation.


Johanna Weber – Tender, Intelligent Dominance
An eloquent, empathetic woman who can become a perverse, dominant child at play – and is skilled at discovering her clients’ desires. She is also the founder of Germany’s first sex workers’ network. Hamburg, Munich, Zurich and soon Berlin


Salomé Balthus and HETAERA

We are well-educated and are able to conduct a conversation on the level of intellectual discourse. 
We are not passive objects of desire, nor are we headless. What we do, we do out of a deep personal conviction, rather than as a side job. We want to embellish your life. We want to change the world. We are artists of erotics. www.hetaera.de


Lena: Sadistic-masochistic physical slut. Tantric massages and bizarre lady 



Emma Steel: Excursions to erotic boundaries

Traveling companion, friend and colleague in my work from the very beginning: Sex coach and mentor for personality development, pioneer and sexpansionist Ruby May. Berlin, London, Prague, Copenhagen. 



For 3 years me and my colleague Klara Luhmen ran the Sacred Kink Academy. Our passion was - and still is - is the exploration of creative sexuality beyond clichés and prejudices. We gave workshops, coaching, and training programs surrounding topics such as BDSM, Tantra, bondage, conscious kink, sensual bodywork, creative eros and sexuality. I am so thankful for the time we worked together, which was so productive.
Together with her partner Matís D´Arc, Klara Luhmen produces the best bondage ropes that one can find in Europe at the moment. They both teach and practice conscious BDSM play, tantric body work and bondage sessions.


The best ropes for bondage currently available in Europe – and explorations of conscious BDSM play, tantric bodywork, and bondage sessions – offered by my partner at the Sacred Kink Academy, Klara Luhmen, and her partner Matís D´Arc.



Sex work – a job like any other?

Alternating between being mystified and defamed, hardly any professional field is as controversial as prostitution.

In the current debate, issues are too often mixed up indiscriminately. Human trafficking and forced prostitution are mentioned in the same breath as all other sexual services. Prostitutes are consistently being portrayed as victims. This is far from being a reality.

You can find some important input on the topics of sex work, sexual services and political demands that truly benefit sex workers here: 

The first trade organization for those providing sexual services was founded this year! After the 2012 prostitution law made some first steps towards the profession’s emancipation (although it wasn’t fully thought through), backwards-thinking legal initiatives are once again being discussed. However, the answer to poor legislative and social conditions surrounding prostitution cannot be to prohibit it altogether.

(ATTENTION - the debate on sex work is ongoing and constantly changing. The latest and most up-to-date info is always on the website of the Trade Organization for Erotic and Sexual Services, on the webpage of Hydra e.V. and on my facebook page, where I regularly post current information on the subject.)


This association is self-organized by sex workers. Johanna Weber and Undine De Riviére were among those fundamentally involved.

Trade Organization for Erotic and Sexual Services


Scientific Research on Sex Work

Comprehensive information on sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the framework of scientific research - Blog by Matthias Lehmann: Research Project Korea
Critical online magazine by Sonja Dolinsek: Human Trafficking Today 

Hydra - Meeting place and consultations for prostitutes for over 30 years. Against human trafficking, supporting prostitution: Hydra-e.V.
The German Law on Prostitution 



Dancer and choreographer Dasniya Sommer develops a unique, anarchical approach to Shibari, dance and performance, together with her partner Frances D´Ath.


Amalion in Berlin is one of the best Shibari riggers and teachers I know. Technically brilliant, and always in touch with his partner. Precise, patient and simultaneously demanding as a teacher. Highly recommended!



Yoroi Nicolas, along with Felix Ruckert, is my greatest inspiration for bondage as an art form and a creative, free play. He refrains from traditional forms and creates his own style. His background as a martial artist (Aikido), his knowledge on body as a massage therapist, his unbelievable presence and his sense of aesthetics make his bondage sessions an unforgettable experience. Sometimes we feel like siblings, because we both place body and the process of bondage in the centre of our practice. This year we will be teaching together a workshop in Spain. I hope that it won’t be the last time.



Gorgone is one of my best teachers. 

Very few people have had such an intense and high level trajectory in ropes as she has. ?She’s travelled all over the world sharing experiences and learning with the very best riggers.
Her two sided point of view, both as a bottom and as a rigger, has equipped her with very special abilities when it comes to deciding how to carry out a tie, what kind of experiences to provoke as well as being able to resolve any questions posed by either tops or bottoms.



Nobody interested in the tradition of Shibari as practiced in the western world can afford to ignore him. Matthias Grimme is a bondage luminary who has been practicing this “story of affection” with his partner Nicole for 12 years; his dauntless approach to Shibari is legendary. He is the author of countless books on the subject of bondage and S&M that are considered to be fundamental literature. He lives, practices, and teaches mostly in Hamburg, but also travels outside of Germany for workshops and performances.


Shibari in Berlin - the Dojo. Shibari is originally a martial art – Learning it is a demanding process: Technique, awareness of the body and an inward, meditative attitude. This is the only space in Berlin that teaches this sense of Shibari properly. I am grateful for having learned so much here.


As a Personal Trainer Eru teaches couples in the art of tying with rope and passion in Berlin.
Bondage trainings can be booked at your convenience at your home, hotel or in our fully equipped bondage room in Berlin-Neukölln.



The most important and inspiring space of recent years for me while treading the borderline between dance, bondage, BDSM, experimental bodywork, and research: Schwelle 7 Berlin. Play, magic, gentle madness. Schwelle is a liminal space, a community, Zen, deep peace and freaking out, controversial, a space for experiencing deep happiness and staring into the abyss, dance, improvisation, creation. The only thing that’s sure about this space is that there can hardly be a final word spoken about it – one has to have one’s own experiences there and ultimately co-create it.


At this point, I would like to thank Felix Ruckert personally for his strength and personality, and for founding and shaping this space:


In Berlin for over 20 years: Dr. Laura Meritt, her shop “Sexclusivitäten“, and the salon that goes with it are institutions. She is a pioneer in the field of sex-positive feminism and research on female desire, runs campaigns in sexual politics, and is the initiator of PorYes, Europe’s feminist porn award. 

Also for more than 20 years: These women created the base for a sex-positive culture of feminist consciousness, courageous playfulness and individual freedom.
Author of the book “Urban Tantra”, she blazed the trail for contemporary, genderqueer, non-esoteric tantra – teacher of the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program I graduated from.

From the same generation: Psychotherapist, teacher and author Dossie Easton. Her groundbreaking works include “The (New) Bottoming Book“ and “The (New) Topping Book“ – in which joyful, ecstatic and responsible ways of playing are explained in a practical way. “Radical Ecstasy” and “The Ethical Slut” were and are also seminal works for an entire generation.

Last but definitely not least: Dr. Annie Sprinkle: Former prostitute and porn star, currently performer, sex educator, teacher, and author.

Films with and about sex, sexual energy, and the beautiful things you can do with it. Lauramedia produced our DVD “Blissful Bondage” and also released “Bondage for Beginners” with Matthias Grimme, along with many other films worth seeing. Lauramedia is always open for new project suggestions!

Films on tantra, sex, and bondage:


Tantra, The Culture Of Encountering, and Sexological Work

In an informative and playful way Zwischenwelten facilitates and organises events and workshops on topics such as tantra, bodywork, alternative lifestyles, BDSM and intimacy. By doing so they wish to break taboos and fight existing shame and prejudice. It is their goal empower people to own their desires. www.zwischenwelten.ch


The Institute for Sexological Bodywork in Zurich introduces the profession of sexological bodyworker to Europe and offers a comprehensive training program in it. The IISB® is also constantly developing new courses and offers surrounding the topics somatic learning and sexological bodywork. It works together with Joseph Kramer, one of the luminaries of erotic bodywork, and countless other teachers, including us, the Sacred Kink Academy.


With workshops and one-to-one sessions and as a body oriented sexual counselor, sexological body worker and coach, Mareen Scholl accompanies you in the exploration of your own sexuality and helps you live more consciously in your body, mind and passion.



amakido – the art of touch: Erotic tantric massage, flights of fancy, and playful dominance. Experimental sensuality in the wild south, near Freiburg. 
Vaginal delight... Lea is a sexually experienced naturopath and the ideal person to contact if you wish to learn more about exploring the interior of the vagina. Exclusive lessons for every type of gender – also on the subject of vaginal fisting.

Newman Alexander - Step into your power, live your truth and take your place in the world: Empowerment Coaching and Kinky Pleasure in London and beyond 






Die Community für stilvolle Erotik

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