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Sensual Philosophy, Self-conception as an erotic Escort

My offer to you is to create an extraordinary, sensual and erotic experience for you. Erotic touch is an art and it’s my profession. Erotic artists, hectares, muses, geishas, temple whores as well as the common hooker have been an integral part of the social life at all times, even though they’ve not always been officially appreciated and treasured. I count myself amongst the members of these traditions.


Body, Touch and Sexuality

Touch in our culture underlies many rules, making it a difficult issue sometimes. In everyday life we shake hands with people, get a slap on the back sometimes and maybe a hug from time to time. We know professional touch from the doctor, from physiotherapy, from wellness applications or whilst practicing sports.

Mostly clearly separated from this is the intimate touch. We ban it into the chambers of the monogamous couple and understand it to be existent exclusively in the connection with our sexuality.

Additionally our sexuality is shaped by norms and beliefs of what is to be “good“ or “dirty“ sex. We may ban certain fantasies and wishes, because they maybe under suspicion of being perverted, immoral or due to the lack of someone who is open for exploring them with us.

Mostly we only play a couple of tones of our sensational melody, even though a whole symphony would be possible.  That is sad, because touch can open numerous experiential rooms for us.


Symphony of touch

Touch is essential for our life and experience. Sense of touch and sensitivity for touch put us in contact with our environment. For children – yet not only for them – bodily contact is as important as food for nourishment. We can only develop, if we touch the world.

We experience ourselves by getting a “grasp” on life. And we experience ourselves by being “grasped”. Through this we develop a self-awareness and self-confidence. Each of us is creating their individual story of touch and a memory of touch, even though we may not be conscious of it.

Touch and the emotions it can unleash, are extremely manifold and multi facetted. Thus a casual pat will cause a different reaction than a tender caress – a loving hug a different emotion from a firm grip or a rebuking stroke – and this will happen for each person in a personal, individual fashion. Next to feelings of safety, pleasure and joy, passion or longing the process can also evoke feelings of sadness, fear, helplessness, subjection or loneliness. Through touch, the whole bandwidth of emotion can be made to come alive and experienced consciously.


Eroticism and Emotion

The emotional multifacetedness, contained in a touch can be connected with our sexuality and promises new discoveries, a new self-confidence, deeper emotions or simply more passionate sex

I am offering the space for both, for the discovery of your own tangibility and the emotions it evokes as well as the integration into erotic play and sexuality. The tantric ritual my work is based on, is getting you in the mood and opens you for this experience. My massage, combining elements from dance, different body work methods and - if this is your path – BDSM, opens an access door to the whole spectrum and multifacetedness of touch and emotion.

Each of my massages is a celebration, honoring your sensitive body and the sexual and sensual being, living inside of it. I want to provide my capability to discover your sensual being through my touch and thus to develop your sensitivity.  My sessions can be heart opening, warming, hot, meditative, explosive, therapeutical, still, healing, sexy, soothing, sad, intimate, awakening, challenging, discovering, grounding, dreamy, experiential, intellectually inspiring and much more.

Bodywork can be archaeological excavation work, the witnessing of a volcanic eruption or the view on the vast and calm sea.  I invite you to go on this journey of discovery with me.


Here you´ll find an overview of the Experiences I am offering.


To book a session, get in Contact with me.