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Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of Japanese rope bondage, the eroticised and ritualised form of bondage. It surely is an art because the highly complex figures seem to be reserved for those with experience and practice.

This workshop is an attempt at honouring the Japanese tradition but yet finding anarchic ways of using the rope in order to enable inspiring, effective and pleasurable results in just a short time. The most important thing is the contact with your own and your partner’s body - because ultimately the ropes are an extension of your own energy.

Bondage can be sexy, aesthetic, playful, heart-opening, meditative, scary, technical, rough or tender. This workshop is an invitation to find out what aspect appeals to you the most.

Day 1: Open to all levels. We will learn basic techniques, improvise with sense and reason, experiment with physical intimacy, dominance, devotion, safety, power and powerlessness, intimacy and trust.

Day 2: Only possible in combination with day 1 or with previous knowledge (basic knots, chest harness).
We tie in to deepen the experience and lessons learned on Day 1 and begin with partial suspension (partial hangings) to shift our play to another dimension.
A tied up body opens up between heaven and earth.

This workshop includes body work, learning of rope techniques / basic figures of Kinbaku and improvisation.
After the workshop there will be free time to play or a small performance. 


Kristina Marlen represents the combination of courageous bodywork and creative rope play. This workshop aims to impart the basics of bondage while borrowing from a variety of relevant bodywork (contact improvisation, (tantra) massage, yoga, precise anatomical knowledge) to create a rounded bondage practice. We bind in movement, statically, and with intent. Intended for those looking to get into bondage that want to start with more than merely technicalities. Also for advanced practitioners that want to expand their creative repertoire. An introduction to suspension will also take place on the second day.


Next dates: 02. - 03. March 2019, Zurich: Rope Makes Sense  


 Please find all upcoming dates and workshops on my calendar page!


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