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We search for and find, explore and experience ourselves within the parameters of femininity. This path is not solely determined by ourselves, but also imagined and affected by the world around us. In the presence of other women, we will explore femininity. We will feel, think, speak, and play womanhood. We will experience what about it we enjoy and which problems it presents. We will feel out our desires, we will uncover, dismiss, and embody identities. We will explore both facets of your personality and the potentials of our group.


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We work with the methods from sexological bodywork, massage, and contact improvisation and employ elements of formation and play. Archetypes and everyday personas will lead us to discard clichés or to manifest ourselves into genuine heroines. As a participant, you are warmly invited to join us in the co-construction of the workshop. The framework of the program will be made whole by the interests, knowledge, and experiences of the group.


The goals of the workshop are to feel satisfyingly and wholly embodied, to call into question and widen both your own and others’ notions of womanhood, and to expand your own choices within womanhood.


Intended for all that identify as female.






Dates: 8.-10. Dezember 2017, Berlin: "Cherchez la femme"; Exploring femininity Workshop in cooperation with Mareen Scholl. 


Foto: De la grace Volcano

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